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Assistance to the Righteous April 2021

On the eve of Easter, we could not help but congratulate our Righteous with the coming holiday and sent them festive food sets. Unfortunately, a few days before we sent, we had lost two more Righteous: age and chronic diseases, ruthless COVID…
We do not forget about you even for a moment and will continue to help. Special thanks to our partners @Укрпошта.
Emilia, 81, “My children, you are walking God’s way. I bow to you for remembering. May the Lord protect you from all troubles. Thanks to your gifts, all I have to do is to bake an Easter cake and paint the eggs, and I can invite all the neighbors to the holiday table. Happy Easter to you and yours, my dear. ”

Assistance to the Righteous June 2021

This year, Ukraine is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Constitution. For this date we have prepared food kits for the people without whom this event could not have taken place – the Righteous. Since the beginning of the operations of our Fund we commemorate these people, honor their feat, support them. Over the years, both new partners and volunteers have joined us. By the way, some of them are children and even grandchildren of the Righteous.
Special thanks goes to the Joint-Stock Company “Ukrposhta” for the fact that in the summer heat all the products reached the homes of the Righteous in time and fresh.

Hot meals August 2021

Today without quotes and sayings. 9 months have passed since one of our favorite projects “Hot Lunches” was launched. This is exactly the term that a couple expects for a child, and it seems to us that this “child” makes us happy. We were changing the menu, consulted with the recipients and cooks and… Still a quote:
Lyalya (67 years old): “I am impressed by your menu. For example, I have a sick pancreas, but I can eat everything you cook. Do you develop a personal menu for everyone, or does it just a fortune? ”

Lunches, so lunches.
This week was not an exception. All our recipients received lunches on time and had the opportunity to communicate with our volunteers, without whom it would be almost impossible to implement this project. Some of them are on vacation, but when we have learnt about that, others immediately came to the rescue.
Igor, 66: “Your lunches are always very important for my mother and me, but this week it is a real salvation. Mom is 90, she fell and broke her femoral neck. She is now in the hospital, and I physically lack the strength and resources to cook. Thank you from myself and from my mother! ”

Today is World Humanitarian Day. We are proud to be able to help our recipients not only with hot lunches every week, but also to provide regular humanitarian assistance.
But… Lunches, so lunches.
Valentina, 71: “Since Sunday, I start waiting for a new week and new lunches. I’m ashamed to admit, but with my meager pension, I divide these two lunches for four days, but additionally, I’m always curious to know how your chefs would surprise me next time. “

The menu is changing, new volunteers appear, but there is something constant – two lunches a week for the most impoverished residents of the Syrets area.
#Lunches, so lunches.
Liliya, 86: “It is very nice that there are young people who take care not only of themselves, but also find the time and opportunity to visit people lonely people like me, bring a hot lunch, listen …”

Summer is over, but fortunately we continue to cook and deliver hot lunches.
Polina, 76: “I broke my arm a month ago, I can’t cook by myself. My daughter is far away. You don’t understand what a great help these lunches are for me. “

Hot meals July 2021

July started with good news. Thanks to our long-standing partners from the Christians for Israel-Ukraine Charitable Foundation, we have managed to increase the number of recipients who are provided with hot lunches twice a week by us.
Raisa, 80: “How happy I am! I can’t do anything at all without my social worker, and here is such a delicious and vital help from you! ”

Today is Family Day in Ukraine. For each of us, the concept of “family” is something personal, but it is definitely caring and support.
Margarita, 77: “Every Tuesday and Thursday I have been waiting for you since the morning. And not only because of your wonderful lunches, but also because of the communication that saves me from loneliness. “

Mid-summer is the time when the variety of vegetables and fruits is available in supermarkets and markets. While compiling the menu for the next week, we take this fact into account.
Roman, 74: “I am a lonely old person with a minor pension, thus I have to buy foodstaff at a discount. You can’t even imagine how important these lunches are. And they are also delicious, I can’t cook like that myself “

It’s hot outside, so for the majority of our recipients, just a move causes complications, and even a thought of having to go to the stove and turn it on kills.
Zinaida, 76: “It is difficult for me to cook and I don’t have enough money to buy foodstuff, but now it is not possible at all. I don’t have air conditioning, I’m having trouble breathing, my blood pressure is jumping… I can’t even imagine what could happen to me, if it weren’t for your lunches. And when I think about the fact that people cook for us in such heat, and then bring us this delicious food, I start to cry. Take care of yourself, my dears “

The heat does not decrease, the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing once again. This week’s first lunch turned out to be a bit unusual: in addition to our recipients also received leaflets prepared by our longtime WJR (World Jewish Relief) partners about the importance of coronavirus vaccination.
Roman, 74: “Despite the fact that I have survived Covid and, thanks to your help, I have been vaccinated twice with Pfizer, I still observe the precautions. With your permission, I will take a few leaflets to give to the neighbors, because they are afraid to get vaccinated. I remember at the beginning of the year, when I was sick, you left me lunches at the door. It looked delicious, but I didn’t feel the smell or the taste it. Now, when I get lunch, I realize that it’s really delicious.”

Hot meals June 2021

The calendar summer has come as well as traditional Parent’s Day. Unfortunately, most of our recipients do not hear “mom” and “dad” due to different circumstances, but we and our volunteers hear almost every time we call and bring lunches or something else, “my child”, “you are like a daughter to me or son “,” you are my family “…
Alla, 60: “What a scent. What is it? Fresh vegetable salad? My husband and I have always cooked it… he loved… and I like, but there is not enough energy and money. My dear child, it is a real happiness I have and you do care. Thank you!”

We try to stick the tradition: if it is Thursday – it is fish. Today – six months, as we, thanks to the Charitable Foundation “Christians for Israel” prepare and deliver lunches to the needy Jews of the Syrets area.
Polina, 75: “I am so happy! Every week something new, something different, but always delicious. Thank you and those who prepare it, for taking care, for making sure that your wonderful volunteers bring us warm food, that everything is done taking into account our needs. “

Summer continues. Today is International Friends Day, but thanks to our volunteers, we are able to celebrate it several times a week throughout the year.
Faina, 92: “Every Tuesday and Thursday is a holiday for me. I am a completely lonely person and I receive not only always tasty and warm food, but also the opportunity to communicate with you, my baby. “

Each of our recipients has his / her unique destiny, unique life story. But all of them have one thing in common – they need our attention and help.
Raisa, 76: “You can see in what condition I am. Without help, I can’t even open the door. Thank you for taking time to bring me lunch. ”

Yesterday the Day of Protection of the Elderly was celebrated in Ukraine. We are proud to be involved in this cause and together with our partners we protect them from hunger and impoverishment.
Valentyna, 71: “When I started receiving hot lunches from you, I could not imagine how much I would save. Having a pension of 2,200 hryvnias, such savings are a real salvation for me. “

It is hot outside and it is very important that the food gets to the homes of our recipients as soon as possible. Our volunteers solved this issue: they picked up lunches immediately after the food was packed.
Roman, 74: “I am so happy and so grateful that you find time to provide food and time to communicate with a lonely elderly person who has recently survived COVID.”

June, 22 in Ukraine marks the Day of Sorrow and Remembrance of the Victims of War. For many of our recipients it is very personal – their families, one way or another, suffered during World War II.
Sofia, 91: “I remember how there was nothing to eat during the war. But it was a war. Now the pension is so minor that it is barely enough for basic foodstuffs. Your lunches are an invaluable help, my husband and I feel that there is someone to take care of us.”

Today is such an interesting and amazing holiday as International Fairy Day. Our volunteers are the same fairies who are able to visit us during the day to pick up lunches, and deliver them warm and fresh in time in such incredible heat.
Margarita, 76: “You work as Swiss watch. Every day at the same time and always with a warm lunch. You see, I even half-opened the door, because I know it’s you climbing the stairs. “

Today is World Social Networking Day. It is thanks to them that we can regularly talk about the events that are happening to us. Today we once again state that the lunches have been delivered.
Lilia, 86: “Neighbors will ask me who is visiting me. I’m happy to tell them that there are people who care about me, who know I’m lonely, and it’s hard for me to stand at the stove once again with my sick back.”

Hot meals May 2021

Public transport has finally resumed operations in Kyiv. And those volunteers who do not have their own cars returned. It was nice to know that not only we but also our recipients missed them.
Faina, 92, “My dear ones, all these long weeks of lockdown I remembered our meetings. What’s new with you, how are you, or is everyone healthy? How glad I am to see you again! ”

Today the world celebrates the International Day without Diets. Considering the age of our recipients, we still brought them dietary and hot lunches.
Lyalya, 67, “Do you know what the №5 diet is? Hope not And I have been trying to observe this diet for many years. So today’s lunch is just the ticket”.

May holidays are over, but our lunches, as it turned out, continue to support the festive mood of our recipients.
Lyudmila, 71, “Please express your special gratitude to your cooks. Every lunch is a real holiday. Delicious, varied, and even healthy. “

Due to the Charitable Foundation “Christians for Israel-Ukraine” our project continues…
Roman, 74, “I have no one but my neighbors and you. I stay at home, I almost do not go out. Thank you for your invaluable support. »

Spring is always the beginning. The first heat, the first flowers, the first harvest of the season. Of course, we could not ignore this fact and added a fresh vegetable salad to the menu.
Zinaida, 76, “With my meager pension, I can’t afford early vegetables. And these are vitamins! Thanks to you, I have the opportunity to eat them. “

May 27 is known due to a popular omen: the weather of this day tells what the weather will be during the coming summer. We cannot confirm if it meets the reality but what we do know for sure that all the recipients have received hot lunches today.
Lyalya, 67, “You know, I haven’t recovered in full after Covid. Every lunch you bring is a drop to my recovery bucket.”

Hot meals April 2021

Lockdown… We are almost used to this word and to the reality behind it. Since Monday one should have a special bypass, which cannot be obtained, to use public transport in Kyiv. Unfortunately, not all of our volunteers have cars, but all clients, who get hot lunches, have been waiting for them because they are terribly scared due to the pandemic and have no hope that anyone will take care about them…
What to do not to leave those in need without the hot food they are counting on. The answer came / called itself. Thanks go to our wonderful volunteers who did not even wait for our calls, but offered help and delivered still warm lunches.
Lyalya, 67 “I had no doubt that you would bring lunch today, as you do every Tuesday. You literally rescue me after Covid! ”

Public transport is occupied on 50%, people in masks have become an integral part of our lives and do not scare others… Sad reality… But also there is an internal reality – those who are in need and require support. Irrespectively of all challenges, all those, we care about, received hot lunches.
Lyudmila, 71 “I have a friend who lives in 4 quarters from me. We don’t see on another as it is next to impossible for us both of us to cover this distance on foot. But I know that both of us have received lunches today. I am so grateful to you!”

April 20, the world celebrate Thanksgiving for Volunteer Recognition Day. These people, together with us, celebrated this day offline – everyone who needs, received lunches.
Thank you, our volunteers, you are the best, most dedicated. We understand that it is your life!
Lyalya, 63: “My dear ones, today suffer from blood pressure and the pancreas. Now for the first time I got out of bed to open the door for you. Thank you for being with me. “

It’s has become a tradition that the end of April – beginning of May is the “shashlyk season”. We decided not to break the tradition, and cooked shashlyk for our recipients.
Seraphima, 89, “I remember spring shashlyk. And now I don’t go out to the yard every day. Thank you for the pleasant memories and for the delicious food.”

Hot meals March 2021

Tuesday morning we received a call from one of the hot lunches recipients. Roman said that he has been tested positive for COVID-19. Of course, Roman received lunch, but, considering the situation, we did not go to the house, but delivered food and left it next to the door of his apartment as it was agreed with him.
Roman, 73: “In my current state, I can’t even cook scrambled eggs myself. I hardly get out of bed. You are my saviors. “

Today we’ve visited the impoverished recipients once again, brought them lunches, talked, learned what is happening in their lives.
Iryna, 71: “My pension for February is 2,780 hryvnias, more than half of which I paid for utilities, and I also need to buy a lot of medicine. Sometimes I don’t even have money to buy groceries, and sometimes I don’t have the strength to cook at all. You can’t even imagine how helpful your lunches are.”

It is the second week of March already but winter still in force. Thus yesterday lunches were delivered under flying snowflakes.
Faina, 92: “The last time I went out was almost a year ago. And it is difficult to walk and I distribute my pension immediately after receiving it. I buy only those products that do not need to be cooked – I do not have the strength to cook. “

Thanks to our friends and partners from the Charitable Foundation “Christians for Israel – Ukraine”, our elderly clients have been receiving hot lunches for several weeks in a row.
Maya, 76: “Your lunches are not just useful and dietary, but also delicious. I keep wondering how you do it. And I don’t need to explain how much they are needed physically and financially during this pandemic! ”
Once again we observed the importance of this project. This week, the number of volunteers who want to help us to deliver lunches to the homes of the needy has increased.
Polina, 75: “Heating – 3,800, more than my pension, gas, water and electricity – almost 1,500 UAH more – one can starve to death. Thank you for your care. ”

A lockdown is in force in Kyiv since March 20 and it will last for 3 weeks. We want to assure that it will not prevent us from bringing lunches tour recipients as it has been done today.
Maisa, 70: “My husband is disabled, I am not young anymore. There is no one who could help us. Thank you for visiting us regularly and bringing these delicious & demanded lunches. ”
P.S. Congratulations on the birthday of Anatoly Emma, a volunteer who always supports and helps in the implementation of our projects!

Monday put a difficult question: how to deliver lunches to the homes of our recipients on Tuesday under lockdown in case public transport stopped? The issue was resolved by itself: knowing that every Tuesday we deliver hot lunches, the volunteers, who have been helping us for many years, called and offered their help. Thank you!
Grygoriy, 91 years old: “While caring about others health, please don’t forget to take care of yourself!”

On the eve of Passover, we delivered not only hot lunches, but also the traditional Matzah. Alsoone of our clients was visited for the first time after COVID.
Lyalya, 67 years old: “I’ve just survived COVID. You can’t imagine how much money was spent on drugs and how much more is needed for rehabilitation! Every day I thank G-d that there are people like you – people who do not forget about people like me – sick and lonely. Happy Passover to you and your families! Stay safe, please!”

Assistance to the Righteous May 2021

On May 14, Ukraine celebrated for the first time the Day of Remembrance of Ukrainians who rescued Jews during World War II. We celebrated this event not only in a “word” – festive presentation of postal products dedicated to this date and the release of short videos, but also in a “deed” – sent food sets, which Righteous received on this day. Of course, each of them also received stamps and envelops.
As always, special thanks to our partners from @Ukrposhta, without whom the Righteous in villages and small towns would not receive our sets, and to our partners from Odessa and Lviv, who help us to purchase and deliver products in their regions on individual orders.