All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “To You”

All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “To You” (ACF 2U) is a dynamic non-governmental officially registered organization. It was registered in August 2013. Fund’s projects are aimed at improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable segments of the population (lonely elderly, people with special плед купить needs, and children at risk). Much attention is paid to the inter-confessional and inter-ethnic dialogue. Round tables and discussions with participation of мультитул купить representatives of various religious confessions and faith groups take place.

One of the most ambitious projects is Social Repairs Project, which operates in Kiev, Cherkassy, Chernigov, and Zhitomir Regions.

In addition to that ACF 2U provides assistance to the IDPs from Eastern Ukraine, where war conflict is in progress for the last 5 years купить постельное белье, schools and public hospitals.

A lot has been done to affiliate young and middle age people into care about golden age people and Jewish Tradition preservation. Project Hope4Channukah gives the possibility to impoverished lonely elderly community members to feel themselves тактичні перчатки cared and non-neglected when miraculous Channukah lights entered their homes due to our wonderful volunteers.

Very special place дропшипінг україна in Fund activities is occupied by Righteous Gentiles. These people receive different types of assistance: partial home repairs, funds are allocated to cover prescribed medicines, food sets are provided… They are honored guests at all public events organized by ACF 2U. Every year Kiev постільна білизна купити Mayor’s House in cooperation with ACF 2U conducts a reception for these outstanding people. The reception takes place at Mayor’s House and is always attended by Kiev Mayor, diplomats, politicians, public and religious leaders.

ACF 2U is an example of сковорідка a non-political organization that provides assistance regardless of creed or political preference. The Fund is ready for a dialogue and cooperation with the representatives of various nationalities and organizations that are interested in improvement of quality of life фонарик купить in Ukraine.

Our projects