Hot meals July 2021

July started with good news. Thanks to our long-standing partners from the Christians for Israel-Ukraine Charitable Foundation, we have managed to increase the number of recipients who are provided with hot lunches twice a week by us.
Raisa, 80: “How happy I am! I can’t do anything at all without my social worker, and here is such a delicious and vital help from you! ”

Today is Family Day in Ukraine. For each of us, the concept of “family” is something personal, but it is definitely caring and support.
Margarita, 77: “Every Tuesday and Thursday I have been waiting for you since the morning. And not only because of your wonderful lunches, but also because of the communication that saves me from loneliness. “

Mid-summer is the time when the variety of vegetables and fruits is available in supermarkets and markets. While compiling the menu for the next week, we take this fact into account.
Roman, 74: “I am a lonely old person with a minor pension, thus I have to buy foodstaff at a discount. You can’t even imagine how important these lunches are. And they are also delicious, I can’t cook like that myself “

It’s hot outside, so for the majority of our recipients, just a move causes complications, and even a thought of having to go to the stove and turn it on kills.
Zinaida, 76: “It is difficult for me to cook and I don’t have enough money to buy foodstuff, but now it is not possible at all. I don’t have air conditioning, I’m having trouble breathing, my blood pressure is jumping… I can’t even imagine what could happen to me, if it weren’t for your lunches. And when I think about the fact that people cook for us in such heat, and then bring us this delicious food, I start to cry. Take care of yourself, my dears “

The heat does not decrease, the number of COVID-19 patients is increasing once again. This week’s first lunch turned out to be a bit unusual: in addition to our recipients also received leaflets prepared by our longtime WJR (World Jewish Relief) partners about the importance of coronavirus vaccination.
Roman, 74: “Despite the fact that I have survived Covid and, thanks to your help, I have been vaccinated twice with Pfizer, I still observe the precautions. With your permission, I will take a few leaflets to give to the neighbors, because they are afraid to get vaccinated. I remember at the beginning of the year, when I was sick, you left me lunches at the door. It looked delicious, but I didn’t feel the smell or the taste it. Now, when I get lunch, I realize that it’s really delicious.”