Hot meals August 2021

Today without quotes and sayings. 9 months have passed since one of our favorite projects “Hot Lunches” was launched. This is exactly the term that a couple expects for a child, and it seems to us that this “child” makes us happy. We were changing the menu, consulted with the recipients and cooks and… Still a quote:
Lyalya (67 years old): “I am impressed by your menu. For example, I have a sick pancreas, but I can eat everything you cook. Do you develop a personal menu for everyone, or does it just a fortune? ”

Lunches, so lunches.
This week was not an exception. All our recipients received lunches on time and had the opportunity to communicate with our volunteers, without whom it would be almost impossible to implement this project. Some of them are on vacation, but when we have learnt about that, others immediately came to the rescue.
Igor, 66: “Your lunches are always very important for my mother and me, but this week it is a real salvation. Mom is 90, she fell and broke her femoral neck. She is now in the hospital, and I physically lack the strength and resources to cook. Thank you from myself and from my mother! ”

Today is World Humanitarian Day. We are proud to be able to help our recipients not only with hot lunches every week, but also to provide regular humanitarian assistance.
But… Lunches, so lunches.
Valentina, 71: “Since Sunday, I start waiting for a new week and new lunches. I’m ashamed to admit, but with my meager pension, I divide these two lunches for four days, but additionally, I’m always curious to know how your chefs would surprise me next time. “

The menu is changing, new volunteers appear, but there is something constant – two lunches a week for the most impoverished residents of the Syrets area.
#Lunches, so lunches.
Liliya, 86: “It is very nice that there are young people who take care not only of themselves, but also find the time and opportunity to visit people lonely people like me, bring a hot lunch, listen …”

Summer is over, but fortunately we continue to cook and deliver hot lunches.
Polina, 76: “I broke my arm a month ago, I can’t cook by myself. My daughter is far away. You don’t understand what a great help these lunches are for me. “