Hot meals June 2021

The calendar summer has come as well as traditional Parent’s Day. Unfortunately, most of our recipients do not hear “mom” and “dad” due to different circumstances, but we and our volunteers hear almost every time we call and bring lunches or something else, “my child”, “you are like a daughter to me or son “,” you are my family “…
Alla, 60: “What a scent. What is it? Fresh vegetable salad? My husband and I have always cooked it… he loved… and I like, but there is not enough energy and money. My dear child, it is a real happiness I have and you do care. Thank you!”

We try to stick the tradition: if it is Thursday – it is fish. Today – six months, as we, thanks to the Charitable Foundation “Christians for Israel” prepare and deliver lunches to the needy Jews of the Syrets area.
Polina, 75: “I am so happy! Every week something new, something different, but always delicious. Thank you and those who prepare it, for taking care, for making sure that your wonderful volunteers bring us warm food, that everything is done taking into account our needs. “

Summer continues. Today is International Friends Day, but thanks to our volunteers, we are able to celebrate it several times a week throughout the year.
Faina, 92: “Every Tuesday and Thursday is a holiday for me. I am a completely lonely person and I receive not only always tasty and warm food, but also the opportunity to communicate with you, my baby. “

Each of our recipients has his / her unique destiny, unique life story. But all of them have one thing in common – they need our attention and help.
Raisa, 76: “You can see in what condition I am. Without help, I can’t even open the door. Thank you for taking time to bring me lunch. ”

Yesterday the Day of Protection of the Elderly was celebrated in Ukraine. We are proud to be involved in this cause and together with our partners we protect them from hunger and impoverishment.
Valentyna, 71: “When I started receiving hot lunches from you, I could not imagine how much I would save. Having a pension of 2,200 hryvnias, such savings are a real salvation for me. “

It is hot outside and it is very important that the food gets to the homes of our recipients as soon as possible. Our volunteers solved this issue: they picked up lunches immediately after the food was packed.
Roman, 74: “I am so happy and so grateful that you find time to provide food and time to communicate with a lonely elderly person who has recently survived COVID.”

June, 22 in Ukraine marks the Day of Sorrow and Remembrance of the Victims of War. For many of our recipients it is very personal – their families, one way or another, suffered during World War II.
Sofia, 91: “I remember how there was nothing to eat during the war. But it was a war. Now the pension is so minor that it is barely enough for basic foodstuffs. Your lunches are an invaluable help, my husband and I feel that there is someone to take care of us.”

Today is such an interesting and amazing holiday as International Fairy Day. Our volunteers are the same fairies who are able to visit us during the day to pick up lunches, and deliver them warm and fresh in time in such incredible heat.
Margarita, 76: “You work as Swiss watch. Every day at the same time and always with a warm lunch. You see, I even half-opened the door, because I know it’s you climbing the stairs. “

Today is World Social Networking Day. It is thanks to them that we can regularly talk about the events that are happening to us. Today we once again state that the lunches have been delivered.
Lilia, 86: “Neighbors will ask me who is visiting me. I’m happy to tell them that there are people who care about me, who know I’m lonely, and it’s hard for me to stand at the stove once again with my sick back.”