Hot meals May 2021

Public transport has finally resumed operations in Kyiv. And those volunteers who do not have their own cars returned. It was nice to know that not only we but also our recipients missed them.
Faina, 92, “My dear ones, all these long weeks of lockdown I remembered our meetings. What’s new with you, how are you, or is everyone healthy? How glad I am to see you again! ”

Today the world celebrates the International Day without Diets. Considering the age of our recipients, we still brought them dietary and hot lunches.
Lyalya, 67, “Do you know what the №5 diet is? Hope not And I have been trying to observe this diet for many years. So today’s lunch is just the ticket”.

May holidays are over, but our lunches, as it turned out, continue to support the festive mood of our recipients.
Lyudmila, 71, “Please express your special gratitude to your cooks. Every lunch is a real holiday. Delicious, varied, and even healthy. “

Due to the Charitable Foundation “Christians for Israel-Ukraine” our project continues…
Roman, 74, “I have no one but my neighbors and you. I stay at home, I almost do not go out. Thank you for your invaluable support. »

Spring is always the beginning. The first heat, the first flowers, the first harvest of the season. Of course, we could not ignore this fact and added a fresh vegetable salad to the menu.
Zinaida, 76, “With my meager pension, I can’t afford early vegetables. And these are vitamins! Thanks to you, I have the opportunity to eat them. “

May 27 is known due to a popular omen: the weather of this day tells what the weather will be during the coming summer. We cannot confirm if it meets the reality but what we do know for sure that all the recipients have received hot lunches today.
Lyalya, 67, “You know, I haven’t recovered in full after Covid. Every lunch you bring is a drop to my recovery bucket.”