Hot meals April 2021

Lockdown… We are almost used to this word and to the reality behind it. Since Monday one should have a special bypass, which cannot be obtained, to use public transport in Kyiv. Unfortunately, not all of our volunteers have cars, but all clients, who get hot lunches, have been waiting for them because they are terribly scared due to the pandemic and have no hope that anyone will take care about them…
What to do not to leave those in need without the hot food they are counting on. The answer came / called itself. Thanks go to our wonderful volunteers who did not even wait for our calls, but offered help and delivered still warm lunches.
Lyalya, 67 “I had no doubt that you would bring lunch today, as you do every Tuesday. You literally rescue me after Covid! ”

Public transport is occupied on 50%, people in masks have become an integral part of our lives and do not scare others… Sad reality… But also there is an internal reality – those who are in need and require support. Irrespectively of all challenges, all those, we care about, received hot lunches.
Lyudmila, 71 “I have a friend who lives in 4 quarters from me. We don’t see on another as it is next to impossible for us both of us to cover this distance on foot. But I know that both of us have received lunches today. I am so grateful to you!”

April 20, the world celebrate Thanksgiving for Volunteer Recognition Day. These people, together with us, celebrated this day offline – everyone who needs, received lunches.
Thank you, our volunteers, you are the best, most dedicated. We understand that it is your life!
Lyalya, 63: “My dear ones, today suffer from blood pressure and the pancreas. Now for the first time I got out of bed to open the door for you. Thank you for being with me. “

It’s has become a tradition that the end of April – beginning of May is the “shashlyk season”. We decided not to break the tradition, and cooked shashlyk for our recipients.
Seraphima, 89, “I remember spring shashlyk. And now I don’t go out to the yard every day. Thank you for the pleasant memories and for the delicious food.”