“Hope for Hanukkah” (“Hope4Hanukkah” 2016)

Jewish proverb says: “A little bit of light is enough to dispel great darkness”
Hanukkah is the festival of victory of light over darkness. The celebration of hope’s greatness in times of despair. Every year UUJS and ACF 2U we strive to bring light and hope into the homes and hearts.
Chanukah 5777 (2016) has not become an exception.
For the 5th year in a row, our magic charitable action Hope4Hanukkah in Ukraine gives us the opportunity to bring light, warmth and care to those who desperately need it! Special attention should be given to the lonely elderly, who have no family, who are thirsty for communication, love, care to overcome their daily despair and depression.
This is year for the first time we had the possibility to loght Chanukah candles not only in Kiev but in Kiev Oblast’ and in Western Ukraine for more than 300 people.

All 8 days of Chanukah our outstanding volunteers lighted Chanukah candles in the homes of impoverished lonely elderly who need attention, company, care, light… and family…
It goes without saying that our volunteers were bringing gifts – Chanukah sets, detergents, means of personal hygiene, foodstuff, sweats, warm blankets…

“Thank you for remembering us. Your wonderful young people brought not just candles, they brought light. I am sure you understand what I mean. My wife and I did not want them to leave. I’d like to thank you for your gifts and your warm hearts,” said Grigoriy S while calling us.
Our initiative Hope4Hanukkah would not be possible without our partners. Our gratitude goes to:

  • ICF “Live Love Laugh Global – Ukraine”
  • Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine;
  • Belaya Tserkov Jewish Community “Mittzvah”;
  • Khmelnitskiy Religious Jewish Community;
  • Jewish Agency “Sokhnut-Ukraine” and camp “Winter Art Midrasha”;
  • Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for strategic studies named after Golda Meir;
  • Religious Community of Traditional Judaism “Masoret”;
  • Research Center for Jewish History and Culture at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National University and the publishing house “Spirit and Character”.

And of course our words of appreciation to our wonderful volunteers – to 162 people, whose age varies from schoolchildren to retired age people and to all those from different cities of Ukraine, from the USA, Switzerland, Israel, South Korea who were not ignorant and who created this miracle together with us.
Let hope and light settle in each and every home for the whole year.
And exactly in a year we will light Chanukah candles all together. We do hope that our project will be spreading all over the country.
Let’s make Hanukkah miracle together! We invite everyone to join!

https://www.facebook.com/HanukkahHope/ & #hope4hanukkah

Newspaper “Kiev Evreiskiy” №1 2017