Food Sets Distribution Under Quarantine

Tomorrow will be the fiftieth day as most residents of our country are quarantined. People of retirement age are afraid to leave their homes, and those who live far away from supermarkets are unable to purchase the necessary products. Due to the help and support of the Gospel of the Grace of God, J-Up, the Kyiv City Jewish Community and, our volunteers, the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “To You” (ACF 2U) provided hundreds of food sets to the most needy people in April. Among recipients there were many children families and golden age people, Righteous. We are grateful to everyone who has helped and joined us, we continue to help, and believe in the best. As per outstanding Lina Kostenko: “And you thought that Ukraine is so simple. Ukraine is great. Ukraine is an exclusive. All history rollers have passed through it. All types of tortures have been tested there. It has been hardened with the highest guard. ”
We thank everyone who has joined us!