Purim (“Mitzvah4Purim”-2020)

In these difficult and troubling times, it is great to recollect that just two weeks ago, we, the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund To You (ACF 2U), and our long-standing partners, the J-UP Network (an independent initiative of active young professionals) had the opportunity to see that in modern Ukraine there are many conscious youth, socially responsible people, thanks to whom our annual action Mitzva4Purim was made possible. Kyiv and Irpin, Boyarka and Bila Tserkva, Chernihiv and Myrhorod, Zhytomyr and even tiny Belz, town in the Lviv region, received Purim Mishlahat Manot.
Of course, ACF 2U representatives also visited several dozen homes. When we visited Elena Edelman we had the possibility to re-convince how important such visits. Elena was extremely happy to host us and prepared delicious treat.
“That’s what I can do for you to express my gratitude. I am completely alone, my friends are getting older day by day; we are less likely to meet… Recently I survived a serious surgery – hip fracture and I almost leave my home. Your visit – the time I can spend in communication is invaluable. “
We sincerely thank our volunteers and our sponsors (this year a new supporter joined – the Gospel of the Grace of God).
This year, for the eighth time, Purim gifts were received by more people than ever.
We, the initiators of the action, ACF 2U and the J-UP Network are confident that next year we will be able to celebrate the most joyful Jewish holiday of Purim with even more people.
Much health to all of us and our beloved ones!

# Mitzvah4Purim