Food Sets for Righteous in Covid-19

As of today, quarantine has been announced in Ukraine. Thus, we have to work remotely, but we can’t leave all those who have been cared of for many years.
As soon as the quarantine was announced in Ukraine, representatives of ACF “2U” and our volunteers purchased and delivered food sets to the most impoverished clients. During the first days, we were able not only to bring essential goods, but due to these visits, to calm, to some extent, golden age people who know us for ages. Many of them are literally afraid to leave their homes to buy either bread or milk…
“Thank you. Now, I do not leave my home, and I could not make any reserves with my pension. But who could have imagined that anything like that could happen. We try to make bread on our own” – says Leonid Rogalchuk, son of Righteous Gentiles Leopold and Evdokiya Goppe.
The visits that took place due to the support of World Jewish Relief Fund (London) and the Gospel of the Grace of God proved once again that, unfortunately, there are still many people in our country who do need our support, our care, our attention.