Assistance to the Righteous June-July 2020

Should it have happened once – we would consider it a one-time mutual action, but now we want to call it a “partnership”. Having started this June, ACF 2U and Charitable Holocaust Memorial Babyn Yar decided to unite efforts to coordinate assistance provided to the Righteous.
We started with the monthly food sets sent to these heroic people throughout the country. People called, thanked, and at the same time shared their problems. For example, it turned out that a century-old acacia tree fell on the barn near the house where Kyiv’s Righteous – sisters Tetyana Kobets and Olga Savenko live. The problem was solved by joint efforts – the tree was sawn and taken out from the yard.
July came, and as a response to the numerous requests of the Righteous, it was decided to add spiritual food to the food sets – the books they had asked for. This, but hopefully not the last time, our friends from the “Gospel of the Grace of God” joined us and provided sunflower oil for Righteous.
Previously we had the possibility to provide food sets only few times per year. Now we are delighted we support Righteous every month.
Our special thanks goes to our long-term partner Victoria Godik (@ВикторияГ.) and our new partner – @Ukrposhta.