Support for Myrgorod Community

Hereby is Myrgorod, a small town near Poltava. In 1835 Mykola Gogol wrote a collection of stories dedicated to this city, thus Myrgorod is a well-known place. Today, Myrgorod is home to about 40,000 people, there is a vibrant Jewish community there, but the majority of its members are elderly, who currently do not leave their homes.
Due to the support of the RGOC “Gospel of God’s Grace” and our volunteers, in cooperation with the local Jewish Community we have provided food sets to the most needy members to suppoort them during quarantine.
ACF 2U would like to thank all those who help in different regions in these difficult times: World Jewish Relief (UK), RGPC “Gospel of the Grace of God”, our sponsors from the EU and the US and other partners.