Warm Clothing for Kids from IDP Many-Children Families

Winterization – Warm Clothing for Kids from IDP Many-Children Families

It is snow and frost outside, and 60 kids from many-children families displaced from the east of the country and from the Crimea have the possibility to go to schools and kindergartens in brand new warm clothes that we have purchased for them in the frames of our pilot project supported by our partner – WJR. Children are not afraid of either snow, or rain.
When children were and their parents were choosing new clothes, there were tears, and joy, gratitude, and the endless memories how many years they had no possibility to buy anything new …
Natalia P, kids’ mother, wrote to us: “It can’t me too many words of gratitude, so once again I want to say thank you for your good deeds! Girls, thank you!!! Coats are actively worn, and my daughters say, “warmmmm!!!”
Nelia S., mother of 4 children, wrote: “Once again I want to thank you for your great help to my family. All children are dressed for the coming winter!!! Thank you so much!!!”

Looking at the happy faces of kids fooling around, we sincerely rejoiced with them that could have helped them!

Newspaper “The Jewish News” №11 2016

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