Hot meals February 2021

This Tuesday, the delivery of hot lunches to the homes of the needy seemed unusual: we were joined by Ms. Natalia Kryzhanivska, director of the Charitable Fund Christians for Israel-Ukraine, who was able to communicate directly with the recipients.
Lilia, 85: “Given the fact that I am completely lonely and sick, I will thank you for anything delivered. And your dinners not just look appetizing, but also really tasty. “

It is slippery outside and elderly people, who do not go out during pandemic now stay home due to bad weather. But the ice did not prevent us from getting to their homes and bringing hot lunches.
Sofia, 89: “Despite my age, I remember my grandmother’s pancakes well. Today you once again reminded me their taste. Thank you for these pleasant memories. “

Today we successfully passed the next exam before the winter – we overcame the snow drifts and delivered lunches to the needy residents of the Syrets area in time and warmly.
Eugenia, 89: “I looked out the window in the morning and thought that today you would not visit me. Thank you for coming to me in spite of weather. “

When it is blizzard and frost outside, what could be better than to stay in warm home and to have hot delicious meal prepared for you.
Zinaida, 75: “I am so grateful to you. You are doing so important and good things for such elderly and lonely people like me. Well done!”

We would like to say that we visited our clients yesterday, but it seems that it is time to say “friends”.
Lyudmila, 67: “Oh, how glad I am to see you. I am always so pleased when you come. Sometimes the only “person” to talk is my TV. But then you appear and always with delicious meal. “

Bad weather still rages, but we know that there are people who are waiting for us, who are in need, and whom we are not allowed to abandon.
Roman, 73: “Did you know that I am on a diet, that I can only eat porridge and poultry? Thank you for being so concerned that the food is not only delicious but also dietary. ”

Most of the people we take care of and deliver lunches to are over 80 years old, so February 23 is a special day for them.
Grygoryy, 90: “Although Sophochka and I are already ninety years old, we have a good memory. Thank you for the lunch, which is extraordinary and festive for us today. “

Tonight begins the most joyful Jewish holiday – Purim. A pleasant surprise awaited those who received our lunches. For lunch, We’ve added traditional Purim humentashi and food sets as part of the annual initiative “Mitzvah4Purim”.
Margarita, 77: “So many products for me! You pamper me. Lunches every week, and now also such necessary foodstuff! Due to your support this month I will have no debts for utilities. “