“Hope for Hanukkah” (“Hope4Hanukkah” 2017)

Hope4Hanukkah in Ukraine

Jewish wisdom says: “A little light is enough to dispel the great darkness”
For the 6th time, the J-UP Network (an independent initiative of active young professionals) and All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “To You” are involved in this miracle and help the light to reach the homes of those who are in desperate need of miracle, warmth, and simple human attention.

Hanukkah is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness, a holiday of greatness of hope in the times of despair. Every year the organizers of the action strive to bring light and hope to the homes and the hearts.
Hanukkah ‎5778 (2017) has not become an exception. This magic charity event Hope4Hanukkah in Ukraine gives the opportunity to bring light, warmth and care to those who need it! Particular attention should be paid to lonely elderly people who do not have family and friends, who thirsty for communication, warmth, and care to overcome their daily desperation and depression.
This year, in the frames of Hope4Hanukkah in Ukraine Hanukkah Hanukkah candles lit hearts and homes in Kiev and the region, in Cherkassy, Chernigov, Poltava and Odessa regions and, of course, in Western Ukraine. A particle of warmth and miracle warmed the lives of almost 500 people.

The organizers of the action say that when they started this project 6 years ago, they did not even dream that the geography of the action would be so expanded, that the volunteers would light candles with lonely people all 8 days of Hanukkah.
“A very real Hanukkah miracle happened! And I am happy that I have the opportunity to help in its implementation, along with my like-minded people. Believe me, we do not stop, we continue to develop. I am sure that the geography of our project and the number of people involved in it will increase year by year from project to project, “says Victoria Godick, founder of J-UP Network, co-initiator of the action.
All 8 days of Hanukkah, wonderful volunteers lit Hanukkah candles in the homes of low-income single elderly people who needed attention, communication, care, light … family.
Of course, volunteers came not with empty hands, but with gifts. Hanukiah, food, sweets, cards made by children …

“We can speak about our initiative hours on end. Any normal person understands the importance of such visits to lonely needy people, both morally and religiously, but only having visited one of them personally to see their eyes, their smiles, their often already trembling hands that stretch towards the candles, you realize what is really going on. Such visits change your attitude to life and make you think about many things. We invite everybody to join our initiative,” says another co-organizer of the action Julia Goldenberg, ACF “To You” founder and Board Chair.

However, the participants of this initiative, who are visited, speak for themselves.
“I want to thank you once again! Thank you for remembering us. Thank you for bringing the light. I think that you understand what I mean. My husband and I did not want the guys who came to us to leave. Wonderful food products, terrific communication and incomparable warmth! It is really great, that there are such bright people!” said Polina N.

Tatiana G. conveyed a letter to the organizers of the action: “You bring light, joy, and good mood to our homes. You and your volunteers are wonderful people, very attentive and caring. I thank you all for your good deeds and I wish you much success in your noble and bright work, which is so needed by people! “
Irina L. was ready to burst into tears during the visit: “I am all alone. There is no one to take care of me. Your congratulations on the holidays, warmth and care are invaluable to me. You make me happy for a year now! Thank you!”

Organizers emphasize that this initiative Hope4Hanukkah would not be possible without partners, whom they want to thank:
– Charitable Organization “ZHYVE DZHERELO” Regeneration Fund;
– Rabbi Vyshedski’s Synagogue;
– Ukrainian union of Jewish public organizations “United Jewish community of Ukraine” (UJCU);
– Kyiv Religious Community of Traditional Judaism “Masoret”;
– Projects: Stars Kedem и Stars.net;
– Belaya Tserkov Jewish Community “Mittzvah”;
– Cherkassy, Chernigov, and Mirgorod Jewish Community;
– Jewish Religious Community of Balta (Odessa Region);
– Lvov Volunteer Center of Charitable Fund “Hesed Arie”;
– Advertising and printing center “SICh”

And of course our words of appreciation go to 162 wonderful volunteers aged from school children to pensioners from different cities of Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Israel, Canada, US, to all those who were not ignorant and created this miracle.

Let hope and light settle in each and every home for the whole year.
And in a year we will light Hanukah candles again.
Let’s create miracles together!

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