Emergency Relief for IDPs May-June 2016

Emergency Relief for IDPs
May-June 2016

As a result of the fighting between armed groups and government forces in Eastern Ukraine that started in April 2014, hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes and have become increasingly vulnerable. The conflict has affected over 3.7 million people, out of which 3.1 million are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance.
Conflict affected resident population, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees face shortages in food, health services, basic household items and shelter and suffer from psychological distress after more than two years of conflict. The resilience of the conflict affected populations, including host communities, is steadily depleting. Access to essential vital services is still extremely challenging for IDPs.
Currently, the situation is rather tough for IDPs as the government has stopped social payments to a number of IDPs until August. Even many-children families do not receive payments. The same relates to the pensioners. People have to cover rented premised but have no possibility as they have no incomes.

In the frames of our Emergency Relief project we had the possibility to provide the most vulnerable strata of IDPs that had settled in Kiev and Kiev Oblast’ with detergents, diapers for kids and adults, and mattresses. Almost 2,000 people were served.
In addition to that almost 250 IDPs received medications.

People received items, which are really needed in their everyday life, but considering the conditions they live currently under, they simply can’t afford these goods.
Pictures and thankful letters speak for themselves.

Natalya, mother of 2 kids: “Enormous thanks to a charitable fund “To You” for your good deeds, for the assistance you provide! It’s greatly appreciated! For the second year in the winter, my family gratefully recollects you, basking in the warmth of the heater and wrapping in wonderful warm blankets that you gave us! You have made our lives a little cosier and more comfortable. Today I received a remarkable set of detergents. Thank you for everything you are doing from the bottom of my heart!”

Oxana, mother of 3 kids: “We are many children family. IDPs. We would like to thank you for all your help for us. May G-d bless you in all your deeds!”

Olga, mother of a disabled child: “I want to thank you for the assistance received in the form of detergents and medicines for the treatment of our son! We have picked up medications at the pharmacy! You gave us a chance to recover! Thank you so much”

Victor, disabled, the 2nd group: “Thank you very much for the medicines I was given! I am disabled person (2 gr) and due to the social payments delay these vital medicines are very helpful. I thank fund employees. May G-d bless you and your families! I wish you love and peace!”


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