Meeting with the Righteous in the Museum of History of Kyiv 23.05.2017

Any meeting with a Righteous is always very touching, and when there are about 30 Righteous in one room – it is something extraordinary.
We do not get tired of saying that we are happy because we have the possibility to communicate with them in person, we have the opportunity to hear their memories immediately from them, we have the chance to thank them, and even more we can and should make their lives a bit more comfortable … It is a tiny drop that may help us to thank these amazing people in some way.
Today we have gathered in the premises of the Kyiv History Museum to greet the Righteous with the Victory over fascism in Europe and the coming Holy Trinity. Food packages presented to them caused tears of joy and endless words of gratitude.
Righteous were welcomed by representatives of KCSA – Head of the Department of Culture Diana Popova and Head of National Minorities and Religious Communities Olga Vlasenko, Chairman of ACF “To You”(2U) Julia Goldenberg, Board President of the Ukrainian Union of Jewish Students Victoria Godik, CEO of Kiev City Jewish Community Anatoly Shenhayt, representatives of the Jewish Council of Ukraine .
Memories, gratitude, tears and warm smiles dominated the event.