Manna4Pesach 5779 (2019)

The holiday of liberation and freedom – Passover / Pesach is on the way!
According to our Tradition, Matzah should be at every table in every Jewish family throughout all 8 days of the Holiday. That’s how it was 5,000 years ago, that’s how it is today.
Therefore, in the frames of our annual Mannah4Pesach charitable campaign, which is possible thanks to the support of our partners (VAAD and private Ukrainian sponsors), we have been able to give our unleavened bread so that the Jews could fulfill the Commandment.
This year, 400 impoverished families from Kyiv, Anativka, Belaya Tserkov, Chernigov, etc. received our gift on the eve of the Holiday.
ACF “To You” (ACF 2U) and J-UP Network (Independent Active Young Professionals Initiative) are honored to congratulate you with Passover.
We wish you and your families to find a way out of their personal Egypts and get rid of Hametz not only physically but spiritually as well.
Peace, harmony and health to you and yours!