Home Repair

We all dream to live in a bright, clean, warmб and cozy apartmentы. We try to take care of our homes but if they are not repaired for more than 20 years, no care and cleaning could help. The slots in dilapidated leaky windows and doors, dropping taps, collapsed ceilings, cracks in the walls …

Unfortunately, lonely pensioners live or rather survive in such conditions in the country.

They cannot even dream about any type of repair and replacement of windows.

Our Fund due to the support of our British partners started a project of partial free of charge repairs of apartments and homes of impoverished lonely people who are in need of assistance.

In 2013-2014, we plan to renovate about 50 apartments. In some of them windows will be replaced and window slopes fixed; in​, some – plumbing system will be fixed or replaced or running water installed (in some private houses it does not exist today) …

Based on our experience we know that such a change in the apartments and homes of the people makes a change to their lives, returns them the faith, and gives hope.