Food Sets for Righteous 2018

The 6th of November is a special day for every Kievan. This day, 75 years ago, the city was liberated from fascists. Just this day employees of 2U Fund prepare the holiday food packages which are delivered to the Righteous homes by volunteers. The year of 2018 is not an exception. About fifty packages with the foodstuff brought joy to the apartments of people whose feat will remain forever.
Unfortunately, many of them have the beggarly pension and they have to spend the most part of it on communal fees and life-saving medicines. There is almost nothing leaving for food. Our volunteers told us after the visits that clients were grateful for the gifts, though it seems such foodstuff as cereals, sugar, wheat, chicken meat should be on everyone’s table. Righteous were glad to receive the sweets like children and offered the guests tea with condensed milk, which they can’t afford. During the visits our clients not only got the gifts, but took the advantage and gave the applications on medicines to the fund. Some of the Righteous came to us personally. They believe there are people who need foodstuff to be delivered but if one is still strong enough he / she should go out and pick his / her gift. One of them, Vasiliy Nazarenko, 88-year old Righteous Gentile, even suggested taking the packages for other Righteous.
We would like to thank our helpers. Special thankful words we address to “World Jewish Relief”. This event couldn’t be possible without its support.