Round Table 30.07.2014

Round Table “International Friendship Day”

On July 30 at 14.00 in the press center of Ukrainian national information agency (round table” on “International Friendship Day” organized ACF “To You” and the Assembly of Nationalities of Ukraine took place.

Participants: Gennadiy Druzenko – Government Commissioner for Ethnic Policy, Julia Goldenberg – All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “To You” Board Chair (ACF 2U); Rovshan Tagiev – President of Assembly of Nationalities of Ukraine; Arkadiy Monastyrskiy – Jewish Forum of Ukraine President; representatives of various public organizations of national minorities, journalists.

Representatives of all nationalities shed blood for Ukraine, thus such principles as friendship, harmony, and understanding should be an integral part of the foundation of the country. This was announced at a roundtable on the occasion of the International Friendship Day by Government Commissioner for Ethnic Policy Gennady Druzenko.
“Ukraine has never existed as a mono-ethnic state, so as soon peace is restored, we, citizens of all nationalities will nourish, protect, and develop that friendship between people and nations, friendship between different religious communities, which has become unshakable foundation upon which prosperous and promising Ukraine will arise,” said the Government Commissioner.
According to him representatives of more than 130 ethnic groups, which inhabit Ukraine, have proven to the world that there are values for which they are willing to suffer and even to die. “These values are written not only in the Constitution but are at the hearts of the vast majority of us” – said Druzenko. He added that the best honor to those who currently sheds blood is Ukraine, where the notion “friendship” will be among the key values.
Rovshan Tagiev, President of Assembly of Nationalities of Ukraine pointed out that today representatives of different nationalities are to demonstrate unity and integrity.
Head of the Organization “Ukrainian Tatar House” Peter Sharafetdinov said that more than hundred representatives of the Tatar people are involved in Ukrainian troops in ATO area.
Julia Goldenberg, ACF 2U Chair stressed that she is positively sure that there is no conflict on ethnic or faith ground in Ukraine. The conflict in the east of the country has been created artificially.
In the end of the round table its participants adopted and signed resolution. It is stressed in this resolution: “On our side, we – representatives of various national and ethnic groups that inhabit Ukraine, together with other international humanitarian organizations are ready to do everything possible to preserve peace and tolerance in united unitary Ukraine”