Round Table 16.09.2014

On September 16, 2014, a round table “Ukraine is different, Ukraine is united: the special status of Donbass – way out of crisis or the next step to decay.”
The round table was initiated and organized by the ACF “To You” with the support of CIVICUS.
The roundtable was attended by representatives of different regions of Ukraine, the leaders of social organizations and movements, representatives of national and ethnic groups, students, and journalists.
All those who were present were unanimous in their opinion that Ukraine is thirsty for peace _ and any steps towards the restoration of peace, and not contrary to the integrity and sovereignty of the country, should be taken. The discussion was very lively and has not left anyone indifferent, because the situation in the country hurts all of us, and this kind of dialogues helps come to the truth.
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KNEU Student Vladislav stressed: “We are all for peace, for us it is very important. You can not talk about any of betraying the interests of the country, if we maintain its territorial integrity and return it to peaceful life!”
Irina, born in Donbass, was forced, by recent events, to move to Kiev to relatives, said: “I was born in the Donbas, there is the biggest part of my life there. Of course, people living there have different opinions, but most of us want peace, we want to restore the infrastructure, we want to be able to live in peace and do not think about any separation from Ukraine, as we cannot imagine our lives outside our country.”
Director of ACF “To You” Julia Goldenberg noted that today there are a lot of speculation on this subject, but for the further development of the country, for its association with the EU, for the future of our children Ukraine is thirsty for peace but only along with preservation of the territorial integrity and existing borders!