Winter Relief for IDPs in Ukrainka

It is a year and a half already as the phrase “an internally displaced person” has become an integral part of our lexicon (Could we even imagine anything like that few years ago? I think not).
But the worst thing, it’s not just a phrase, which frightens our consciousness. These are real people, scattered throughout the country. These are people who were forced to leave their homes in order to save lives. People, which even today lacks the most basic items (warm blankets, pillows, sheets) …
It is our privilege that in the frames of our project “Winter Relief for IDPs 2015,” we had the possibility to support many children families, people with special needs and pensioners who had to settle у Ukrainka, Obukhov, and other small locations of Kiev Oblast’. We do hope that the current winter would not be so sever for them and our care will return them a piece of home atmosphere.
Let’s help that with G-d’s help such a project would not be necessary next year!

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