Winter Relief for IDPs in the village of Kotsyubinskoe

“Center for social care and rehabilitation for IDPs from the East of Ukraine” in the village of Kotsyubinskoe, Kiev Oblast’ became a shelter for families who had been forced to leave their homes in order to save the lives of their beloved ones and their own lives as well. 78 children of different ages live in the Center, most of these kids are from many-children families.
Many families fled as they were, having no time or opportunity to bring along the essential goods. Therefore, even after a year and a half people have to sleep on twisted things instead of pillows and cover themselves and their children by coats or other things instead of blankets.
It is our privilege that our project “Winter Relief for IDPs 2015,” gave us the possibility to help 30 families from this Centre. Now they have normal pillows, new bed linen sets and warm blankets, which, we hope, will give them not only physical warmth.
Let’s help that with G-d’s help such a project would not be necessary next year!

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