Rice to Those who Are in Need

The last few years can hardly be called successful for Ukraine. The war in the east, thousands of internally displaced people who left their homes and have to spend their savings, if they still have these savings, on expensive rent, devaluation of local currency – hryvnia, significant increase of the costs of utilities … The elderly, many-children families and people with special are mainly affected by the current situation in the country. They don’t have enough funds to cover basic things, thus any help is of a great importance for them.
One should have heard the words of appreciation and gratitude to us and our partners Human Kindness Project when high quality delicious rice was provided to impoverished people of retired age, Righteous Gentiles, Righteous of Ukraine and Righteous of Babiy Yar, IDPs, etc. Our defenders also received this wonderful product.
Sincere gratitude to all those who made this charitable action the reality and gave us the possibility to take care about those are really in need of our support.
Photos will tell this story better than numerous words.

Human Kindness Project Inc.
14-24 Abbott Rd | Unit 179| Fair Lawn| NJ 07024

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