Interconfessional Hanukkah 2018 (5779)

Hanukkah is an incredibly bright holiday that attracts not only Jews, but also many people of other religions, which makes it more and more significant. Considering this fact the head of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund “To You” Julia Goldenberg and the Chief Rabbi of traditional (conservative) movement of Judaism and representative of “Midreshet Schechter” in Ukraine Reuven Stamov decided to arrange the first Interconfessional Hanukkah candles lighting “Together for the Light” in Ukraine.
On the 4th of December all invited guests gathered at the cozy, really home like MASORET Community of Conservative Judaism. Due to the fact that not only Jews attended the event, Rabbi Reuven Stamov told and reminded for someone about traditions and history of the holiday of light, joy and fun. After the lighting of the third Hanukkah candle by the representatives of various religious confessions and honored guests, the festive dinner took place. The guests were treated with kosher Hahukkah dishes. Ambassador of Lithuania Marius Janukonis, Permanent Deputy of German Ambassador Wolfgang Biendseil, Israeli Consular and the Head of NATIV in Ukraine Felix Gurvich, representative of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Bishop Volodymyr, Father Olexander (Romanian Catholic Church of St. Olexander), director of Culture Dept. of Kyiv City State Administration Diana Popova, head of Association of Jewish Communities and organizations of Ukraine Josef Zissels, head of Jewish Foundation of Ukraine named by Arkadiy Monastyrsky Roxanna Gamarnyk, Deputy of Children Rights Dept. of Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Kyrylo Dombrovsky, Second Secretary on the Consular Issues of the Embassy of Israel Maxim Shmagin, artists, journalists, diplomats, Community members.

The third Hanukkah candle is lit for the children, that’s why every speaker wished the health and happiness to kids, who unfortunately learnt what war is. All of them mentioned that it doesn’t matter what faith we profess, what ethnic we have, what traditions we observe. The most important that we trust in one G-d, our thoughts wish the light and kindness and we are net to one another and we support each other and that’s reason why light, kindness and peace always win. Event participants prayed for the peace and stabilization of the situation in Ukraine and all over the world.
At the end of the event Mikhal Stamov, co-organizer of the event, Director of MASORET Jewish community-educational centre of traditional Judaism assured all the guests that saying «the first pancake (in case of Hanukkah, safganiya doughnut) is always lumpy” does not apply to “Together for the Light” and promised to gather next year for the Interconfessional Hanukkah candle lighting.