Charity event “Happiness4RoshHaShana”-2017

Jewish High Holidays are over, New Year 5778 began. We take with us the aftertaste of the holidays, the joy of the time spent with family and friends, and the memories of the amazing meetings presented to the organizers of the charitable action (ACF “To You”, J-Up Network, and UUJS) and volunteers during those days.
This year, for the first time, the charity event “Happiness4RoshHaShana” (#Happiness4RoshHaShana #Happiness4HighHolidays) took place. It became of the actions of the #Unity4Care Initiatives.
Kiev and Khmelnytsky, Cherkassy and Chernigov, Belaya Tserkov, Irpen, Bucha, Nezhin … Indefatigable volunteers visited impoverished families and lonely elderly people to congratulate them with High Holidays and to wish all those in need that next year would be just a little bit better, healthier, sweater… Honey, cookies, canned fish, sweets, tea, coffee and other treats for the festive table were more than appropriate.
New meetings, touching stories since forgotten childhood, long conversations over a cup of tea, unforgettable emotions, tears and smiles…
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The initiators and organizers of this campaign Julia Goldenberg and Victoria Godik say that at the beginning of this summer they thought about lonely elderly. “What is going on over High Holidays with the one who is lonely and weak, with the one who is a slave of his / her four walls not at all by his/her own will; with one who is doomed to pain and loneliness by fate or by virtue of circumstances; with those who have only childhood memories of the Feasts, and now he / she cannot even remember the names of these Holidays? What are doing those who cannot share a festive meal with anyone?” And that’s when the idea of another charity campaign was born. The initiative is not over. The organizers say good bye and see you soon. In a couple of months they invite all indifferent people to meet again to light Chanukah candles in the houses of lonely elderly and people with special needs to confirm to the golden generation of the community, volunteers and themselves that the Chanukah miracle is a reality.
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This autumn initiative would not be possible without partners. The gratitude goes to:
– Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for strategic studies named after Golda Meir;
– Charitable Organization “ZHYVE DZHERELO” Regeneration Fund;
– and also personally to our long-time and reliable partners Albert Feldman and Alexander Loifenfeld;
– ICF “Live Love Laugh Global – Ukraine”;
– Research Center for Jewish History and Culture at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National University and the publishing house “Spirit and Character”.

And of course our words of appreciation go to our wonderful volunteers from different cities of Ukraine:

– Belaya Tserkov Jewish Community “Mittzvah”;
– Khmelnitskiy, Cherkassy, and Chernigov Jewish Community;
– JAFI-Ukraine;
– lovely young indifferent Kievvites
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