Channukah celebration in Belaya Tserkov

Strength of spirit, victory, miracle, holiday, light, glory, and pride for our ancestors and for our nation … And what associations do you have when you hear about the holiday of Channukah?
Whatever your thoughts are, whatever associations would come to mind, we all start to believe in miracles and dream that these miracles would happen to us, to our families, and friends.
We got used already that big cities offer various celebrations that allow each community member to choose what is interesting and closer to him/ her. But what about communities in small towns? What is going on outside Kiev?
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Belaya Tserkov. It used to be a real vibrant Jewish shtetl. Today, it’s a fairly large city, 80 km from Kiev. The Jewish community of this city is glorious through its traditions, history, and unity. Today the city’s a Jewish school is considered to be the best among all schools of Belaya Tserkov.
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Our Fund appeared to really lucky – we have become co-organizers of Channukah celebration in Belaya Tserkov and lighted the 7th candle together with charming community.
Unfortunately the events that are currently taking place in Ukraine do not create a holiday atmosphere. That’s why the celebration of Channukah that took place on December 3, 3013 started with the prayer for peace and calmness in the families all over Ukraine, for the speed recovery of all those who suffered in mass peaceful protests in Kiev. The payer was read a student of Belaya Tserkov Jewish School “Mitzva-613”. Following the prayer 7 community members lighted 7 Channukah candles.
The celebration took place in a wonderful restaurant and was accompanied by splendid old kleizmer music performed by famous “Pushkin Kleizmer Band”.
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Let the light of Channukah be with us during the whole year, bring light into our hearts, souls, and homes, supporting us and our beloved ones.