Seesaw price today, SSW to USD live, marketcap and chart

Like with all new ideas, anecdotes of scams and uncertainty follow. Unless you have truly endowed your time into gaining knowledge of the mechanisms of cryptocurrency, it is likely you will what is seesaw protocol always have doubts. If the price surge of over 640% in the first stage of its presale is anything to go by, then it is innocuous to adopt the notion that Seesaw Protocol is profitable.

seesaw protocol token

Any terms and conditions entered into by contributors in respect of the acquisition of Tokens are between them and the issuer of the Token and ICOholder is not the seller of such Tokens. This is a statistical representation of the maximum market cap, assuming the maximum number of 990 Million SSW tokens are in circulation today. Depending on how the emission schedule of SSW tokens are designed, it might take multiple years before FDV is realized.

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Funds can be used to farm and take advantage of the margin and loan facility. In the future, Seesaw Swap aims to add options for other blockchain networks offering a complete package for all its users. SSW provides the entire suite of services for users to manage crypto assets on the most popular blockchains and peer-to-peer exchange services in a decentralized and open manner.

SSW holders also benefit from the protocol’s reflection process, a system which is often utilised by the newer cryptos. A 3% fee is charged on every transaction across the network, and then redistributed back to all SSW holders. Therefore, just by holding tokens in their wallets, more SSW can be earned, resulting in greater profits. SSW is currently trading at $0.01178, and because the protocol has a lot of potential value and upgrades planned, the price is expected to boom in the near future. Its success in the cryptocurrency business is speculative due to it being so new. The Seesaw Protocol has provided certain unique characteristics, however, which may result in a prosperous business for many investors.

Seesaw Protocol (SSW) — Connecting BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum

It’s also important to have a look at the tokenomics of SSW – the native cryptocurrency of the Seesaw Protocol ecosystem. The first phase of its pre-sale ends on February 25th, and the expected tokens to sell are 178,200,000. During the second phase, there will be 89,000,000 SSW tokens to sell, and during the last phase – 29,7000,000. Seesaw Protocol aspires to be a cryptocurrency designed to bridge multiple blockchains, solving an important interoperability problem within the emerging field. Its creators claim that SSW is going to bridge the Binance Smart Chain with Ethereum and Polygon . Here is it as well as other useful data about this kind of cryptocurrency.

seesaw protocol token

Without an incentive, no one would mine the blocks, and the system will collapse as a whole. Seesaw Protocol allows users to gain access to decentralised finance powered services at the click of a button. It is fully open-sourced and can be utilised by any network. Recently, the project has ensured $1M in liquidity for its users so more projects will be keen to use its services. The new tokenomics includes a twin token system where VET is used as a governance and staking coin while VeThor is used as a Gas token. VeThor is generated for free and in proportion to the number of Vechain tokens a user holds at any time.

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Sales are up until the 3rdand last presale, which is expected to take place on April 8, 2022. Think of it as the standard currency exchange; the stronger your currency exchange rate, the cheaper your imports. SSW’s main objective is to enrich your crypto experience through the promise of a fixed low fee of 3%, better rates, and absolute transparency.

  • Therefore, my long-term outlook for the Seesaw protocol is a continued trade to the downside.
  • The coin is now available for short and long term trade after being listed on decentralised exchanges.
  • When it comes to preserving humanity’s most critical information, Filecoin says it is a top priority.
  • SSW’s main objective is to enrich your crypto experience through the promise of a fixed low fee of 3%, better rates, and absolute transparency.
  • Seesaw Protocol allows users to gain access to decentralised finance powered services at the click of a button.

The percent change in trading volume for this asset compared to 1 hour ago. In today’s trading session, the Seesaw project is up by 9 per cent. The project has also been aggressively bullish throughout the week. Therefore, there are not many platforms offering the SSW token. In April, when the protocol was being offered in presale, there was a lot of optimism that the project would continue its growth throughout the year. Naturally, many investors were willing to pay a king’s ransom to get their hands on the project.

SSW Price Information

That is if Seesaw Protocol crypto still exists when the presale comes to a close. Furthermore, there is zero mention on the Seesaw Protocol crypto token’s website about burned tokens. And this helps ensure that the developers won’t redeem liquidity pool tokens. And in the process, allow folks to find the best speeds and lowest fees to carry out transactions. Considering the high gas fees, slow speeds and security issues of some networks, this project has a lot of upside potential. You can purchase your SSW tokens right now using the link above or below.

seesaw protocol token

During Q2, the team should also roll out the Seesaw multi-chain bridge and swap function and the cross-chain deployment for Ethereum and Polygon in the third quarter. This is also when the project is expected to launch on Uniswap. Seesaw is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.

What is Seesaw Protocol?

Initially, the token will be launched on PancakeSwap with a 3% purchase fee and a 5% sale fee. Some of these fees will be redistributed to existing SSW holders providing them with a way to earn passively on their holdings. Basic Attention Token and Seesaw Protocol aren’t risk-free investments. However, these are two top cryptocurrencies to consider for those looking to add risk to their portfolio as valuations fall.

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Unlike Filecoin and Kadena , the Seesaw Protocol has not yet opened to the public market. The Kadena token is a cryptocurrency on the Kadena blockchain. It’s a native token that’s utilised to reward those who are willing to mine blocks on the network.