Ontology-Based Analysis of Website Structure for Benchmarking in Retail Business: Computer Science & IT Journal Article

This article looks into how to plan a basic website structure, and write the HTML to represent this structure. After internal linking, breadcrumbs are the ultimate way to show your website’s architecture. These links show a page’s parent pages all the way to the home page.

Some of the most critical steps in successful transformation pertain not only to data and information acquisition and digitalization but also to adequate publishing and organization of these information resources. Companies share information through their websites, so the structuring of the web content becomes critical during the digital transformation of business. In this paper, the authors present a conceptual model of the managerial tool that is based on semantic analysis of web sites in order to obtain information about the structure of web sites in a particular domain.

Visualizing a Site Structure for SEO Analysis

So, with that out of the way, let’s walk through how to improve an internal linking strategy. After all, Google uses external and internal links too to assess your content’s authority, understand the relationship between pages, and establish their value. In this webinar, we show you how to consider construction stages in the structural analysis software RFEM 6. This model to download presents a canopy with wind loads from 0° to 90° in the wind tunnel simulation in the structural analysis software RFEM 6. This model to download presents a funnel umbrella in the structural analysis software RFEM 6.

You might add new types of stories to your news site or blog, and need to create new topic groups to organize them in. The database model is a great way to organize information if you want people to be able to search and find it logically. So, for instance, a news site might have a top-level https://globalcloudteam.com/ category for sports, and then under that, they might have basketball, football, and ice hockey. Below that, they could have NBA, NFL, and NHL, and then below that, individual match reports, for example. Categories are broad groups of information that you plan to have on your website.

Exporting the Network Graph with Sigma.js

This hierarchical website structure type is also sometimes referred to as a tree model because all subfolders and their pages act as branches. With this tool, you can create interactive sitemaps where you can choose among 3 sitemap styles and customize them how to plan a website structure with your branding style. Its sitemap can display more than just URLs, as users can collaborate with each other, share comments, analytics data, categories, and more. Shallow navigational structures give the best experience for both crawler and your user.

website structure analysis

You should first conduct keyword research if you haven’t done so yet. It ensures that you complete the following steps systematically and with all available information. Then head over to the Site structure report and check how each section of their website contributes to their overall organic traffic. Crawl your site and find out all kind of issues that can hart your users or your website SEO.

Use a shallow navigational structure

Table 8 shows the detection effect of webpage fingerprints with different lengths. The larger the value of θ, the looser the clustering restriction, so the FPR will increase; on the contrary, the stricter the clustering restriction, the lower the FPR will be. In order to select suitable parameters, the experiment adjusts the two parameters α and β in Eq. In SPHDM, although modelling and prediction are highly related tasks, they are often processed and solved independently in practical applications, so their effects are also verified separately in experiments.

website structure analysis

Slickplan is a simple and intuitive tool with the help of which you can create elegant and professional-looking sitemaps. It has a seamless drag-and-drop interface that you can customize with colors and images. You can download your sitemap as a scalable vector graphic or just a simple text or XML file. Our cognitive system always needs to fit pieces together logically, easily find what it’s looking for, and know where to find it.

1. Useful Tips on How to Create Website Structure

It is easy to navigate through the site and get what one is looking for. Additionally, it has user support in case it is needed by the user. A sitemap is a document that lists out all of the crawlable pages on your website. It’s exceedingly important for website architecture because it shows your structure in a readable, crawlable format.

  • Sitemaps serve as a compass on the way to your main website pages.
  • To develop a strong website structure, you need to pay particular attention to URL structure.
  • It is important that you also implement changes in the directory level in your menu.
  • Rao RS, Pais AR. Two level filtering mechanism to detect phishing sites using lightweight visual similarity approach.
  • In fact, their importance to SEO is immense, yet often overlooked.
  • From the onset, the user cannot tell the difference between the tabs, making it a pain point.

Here you can find direct access to multiple structural models. Download the models to edit, analyze, or design them utilizing RFEM, RSTAB, or RWIND Simulation. Get detailed stats for all pages such as HTML errors, page size, response headers, response time, download time. We are a tech company developing software for clients from all over the world.

Advanced Strategies to Boost Internal Linking

Sometimes, when you are building a website, you want to funnel people to a specific area based on their choices. So you might start with a choice, that limits the next level of options available, and then the next, and so on. Hierarchical structures are usually used on sites with a lot of information that needs to be organized for easy searching – like news sites or niche blogs. These sites have a website page structure that’s closest to the pyramid we mentioned above. Different types of websites might have very different architecture, but they will all contain most of these elements of site architecture.

website structure analysis