Gym equipment for school Mitzva-613

Today, more and more often we hear that children grow up weak, that they need to spend more time outdoors, that more attention should be paid to their leisure and sports, etc.

It’s no a secret that the minor funding of schools, especially in the periphery, does not allow to equip gyms. In the same time, and money from the parents from small towns have limited funds and couldn’t allow sending their children to expensive sports clubs.

Employees of “To You” Fund have long time cooperation with Belaya Tserkov Jewish community and wonderful school Mitzvah – 613. We know about their needs and successes firsthand. So when one of our sponsors offered to give us three new lovely simulators, were more than happy. We have not had a moment’s doubt what to do with these devices and whom to pass it to. And the happy faces of the children speak for themselves.
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