Hot meals March 2021

Tuesday morning we received a call from one of the hot lunches recipients. Roman said that he has been tested positive for COVID-19. Of course, Roman received lunch, but, considering the situation, we did not go to the house, but delivered food and left it next to the door of his apartment as it was agreed with him.
Roman, 73: “In my current state, I can’t even cook scrambled eggs myself. I hardly get out of bed. You are my saviors. “

Today we’ve visited the impoverished recipients once again, brought them lunches, talked, learned what is happening in their lives.
Iryna, 71: “My pension for February is 2,780 hryvnias, more than half of which I paid for utilities, and I also need to buy a lot of medicine. Sometimes I don’t even have money to buy groceries, and sometimes I don’t have the strength to cook at all. You can’t even imagine how helpful your lunches are.”

It is the second week of March already but winter still in force. Thus yesterday lunches were delivered under flying snowflakes.
Faina, 92: “The last time I went out was almost a year ago. And it is difficult to walk and I distribute my pension immediately after receiving it. I buy only those products that do not need to be cooked – I do not have the strength to cook. “

Thanks to our friends and partners from the Charitable Foundation “Christians for Israel – Ukraine”, our elderly clients have been receiving hot lunches for several weeks in a row.
Maya, 76: “Your lunches are not just useful and dietary, but also delicious. I keep wondering how you do it. And I don’t need to explain how much they are needed physically and financially during this pandemic! ”
Once again we observed the importance of this project. This week, the number of volunteers who want to help us to deliver lunches to the homes of the needy has increased.
Polina, 75: “Heating – 3,800, more than my pension, gas, water and electricity – almost 1,500 UAH more – one can starve to death. Thank you for your care. ”

A lockdown is in force in Kyiv since March 20 and it will last for 3 weeks. We want to assure that it will not prevent us from bringing lunches tour recipients as it has been done today.
Maisa, 70: “My husband is disabled, I am not young anymore. There is no one who could help us. Thank you for visiting us regularly and bringing these delicious & demanded lunches. ”
P.S. Congratulations on the birthday of Anatoly Emma, a volunteer who always supports and helps in the implementation of our projects!

Monday put a difficult question: how to deliver lunches to the homes of our recipients on Tuesday under lockdown in case public transport stopped? The issue was resolved by itself: knowing that every Tuesday we deliver hot lunches, the volunteers, who have been helping us for many years, called and offered their help. Thank you!
Grygoriy, 91 years old: “While caring about others health, please don’t forget to take care of yourself!”

On the eve of Passover, we delivered not only hot lunches, but also the traditional Matzah. Alsoone of our clients was visited for the first time after COVID.
Lyalya, 67 years old: “I’ve just survived COVID. You can’t imagine how much money was spent on drugs and how much more is needed for rehabilitation! Every day I thank G-d that there are people like you – people who do not forget about people like me – sick and lonely. Happy Passover to you and your families! Stay safe, please!”